Today we are writing to invite you to join our efforts to bring justice to the art world by centering on women’s art and stories.

You can do this by joining us for monthly conversations for only $22 a month. Shiloh and Jonathan, our Founders, volunteer to bring you this phenomenal offering of their time, wisdom, care, and consciousness in a monthly gathering with them both. You can learn about the theme below and how it connects with da Vinci’s concept of the ‘Inner Eye’ OR you are welcome to make a donation to our foundation as well.

Every contribution makes a huge difference. In 2022, over 80% of the revenue generated by the Intentional Creativity Foundation went to women staff and teachers around the world, our multi-cultural, inter-generational women working from home labor project. Yep. That is pretty phenomenal – and we invite you to be a conscious part of the healing and creative arts here at Musea. We are both a Museum and a University that collaborate to bring you Intentional Creativity. This is a regenerative economy in which your support of us translates immediately into our support of you and your creative life. Just like a figure 8, your sacred investment which supports the ICF, directly brings nourishment to your own creative life.

Further, all levels of membership include monthly Artist circles, a dedicated group in the iMusea App, savings on select Musea events and more!

“The painter’s mind must of necessity enter into nature’s mind in order to act as an interpreter between nature and art”— Leonardo da Vinci

Why this matters to us.

We are misfits, creatives, and people who are stirring the cosmic pot of change. One of the ways we do this is by inviting our community into meaningful, experiential exchanges where we learn, grow, and evolve – together. Creating change in our internal world catalyzes change in the world at large.

A message from Jonathan and Shiloh

Dear Community,

Thank you for your curiosity. We invite you to come read an invitation from our hearts to yours. If you are interested in a deeper dive with Intentional Creativity, it’s worth your time and focus to see what we have in store for you.

Our 2023 Theme is “Quantum Cascade”, a confluence of conscious evolution, heart-based neuroscience, the creative’s influence on matter, and the awareness of shaping intersecting fields in community. This opportunity is open to all!

Imprensiva is an eccentric café inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s framework of perception and inquiry. How we can change our minds and gene expression, and therefore matter, based on how our minds work with energy, and how our bodies take action in the physical universe.

Jonathan McCloud has a potent teaching suite for you on how Intentional Creativity is a chosen pattern interrupt in our default settings that hundreds of our students are already practicing. Jonathan has been working with Shiloh Sophia since 2013 to guide us into grasping the HOW and WHY of the intersection between Intentional Creativity and the somatic sciences. Let’s gather in community to practice implementing your ‘pattern interrupt’ all throughout the year!

Yes, there is some scientific terminology that you may or may not understand, as that’s just how we roll. It is more about how the invitation makes you FEEL. Join us if you are called!

with so much gratitude,

~ Shiloh Sophia & Jonathan McCloud

Founders of MUSEA: Intentional Creativity®

“Everyone is creative. It’s our truest survival skill. Innate and instantly available. Intentional Creativity is the domain of the artisan. Intention cannot be contrived, is authentic and immediately impactful. Our perception is the broker of our reality, thus, by applying the principles of Intention to that which we create, design, and how we live, we choose to harness the incredible power of choice! We influence reality, as we perceive it and as it, in fact, is. What you are considering here is the very nature of your particle self, interacting within fields that you are not the actor, but the author. Let’s dance in particle and wave together in the quantum cascade….See you there…” ~ Jonathan McCloud

Jonathan and Shiloh teaching together during Prisma 2022