Jassy - comingofage

Coming of Age by Jassy Watson, 2016

This story unfolded quickly, layer by layer, but I had no idea who these women were to begin with. As I created a dialogue with them I came to understand this was a rite of passage for a young woman who makes offerings of oranges at the Medicine Wheel, where Sage is burning in the North (for me here in Australia, that is the element of FIRE) of being MOTHER, of FULLNESS & ABUNDANCE – being RIPE.

The mother in turn makes offerings of flowers and the grandmother red thread. All symbolic of the young woman’s journey to womanhood. The serpentine path also a reflection of this journey. The elders are there to witness the rite: “I see you, I hear you, I feel you, I honour you”.

I pondered on how this story presently reflects my own. My daughter is moving through her 9 year cycle and I am fast approaching 40, which is feeling like a very significant and poignant time for me.

Jassy - processpicIt’s funny because I am completely aware of moving through these cycles and watching my children move through theirs but it took this painting to really bring home the significance of these stages. It brought into view and reminded me how important it is for me to guide  my daughter wisely through these transitions. It reminded me how important it is to honour and recognise them and for her to see me honouring my own life cycle. Not only do I see my daughter/s here, but I see myself a a young girl, as a mother and as an elder. It is the great turning of the wheel.

This process is largely intuitive, instinctual, and intentional. The canvas and images coming forth are like an oracle. I make random marks, patterns and symbols and just watch and wait. The story starts to emerge. It requires one to really ‘see’ between worlds. This painting is part of a series of 33 SOULSCAPES for a solo exhibition where I am exploring story, ancestral ties and earth connection. 

SOULSCAPE – ‘Seeking Story‘ is the first in a series of weekend workshops that I am teaching as a lead up to the exhibition; 27th & 28th August: Earth Circle Studios Innes Park, and September 10th & 11th: Melbourne Studio.

yours in red thread,

Jassy Watson
Jassy Watson lives in paradise on the Sub-Tropical coast of Queensland Australia. She is passionate about many things, including creativity, earth activism, and her cherished role of mother to four.
Jassy is a certified teacher of the Colour of Woman Method, Intentional Creativity Coach and Vision Board Coach. From her space Earth Circle Studios‘, a school for the Sacred Creative Arts fostering Earth Connection and Creative Expression, she teaches regular creative workshops and hosts events and presentations that have included international scholars, artists and musicians.
Jassy is passionate about helping others Journey Within to connect to heart and soul so that creative spirit can be awakened. She believes wholeheartedly that creativity, in its myriad of forms heals and transforms at a deep, soul level. She believes everybody has the right to self-express and further, that everybody has an inner artist just waiting to be unleashed.