Introducing Intentional Creativity Method® Coaching: Curating Consciousness : Discover how you can Empower Yourself & Your Clients with Visual Knowledge – Starts September 2019 – Virtual Delivery with optional in person Gatherings in California

If you are interested, just click the link above. As soon as you sign up you will get access to a peek into my 2018 Italy journal sharing visual knowledge and some of our philosophy within Intentional Creativity.

There are only two ways to live your life: 
as though nothing is a miracle, 
or as though everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein

Photograph by Jonathan McCloud

Dear One ~

I choose to live in the ‘everything is a miracle’ place in my life. That doesn’t mean hard stuff doesn’t happen all the time. It does for me as much as the next person. Yet my heart and spirit continue to choose to see beauty every single place I can. I ‘self medicate’ with as much goodness as I can find! This is a choice in how I relate to what there is, and any power I may have to influence outcomes.

For me, sharing this offering with you has miracle power, in my life, the lives of those I serve, and the lives of those you serve.

I have been working on this course pretty much all of my life and that is why I feel so proud of it, and happy to share it with my global community.

We often say to people as they grow…you have a gift, you have a calling, do something great…but when it happens, do we really say so? I am honoring that I have indeed answered my calling to this point on my path. I have done what I set out to do. It doesn’t look like what I thought, but I know it is being fulfilled in this new Certification.

This offering is called MOTHERBOARD : Intentional Creativity Coaching® and it is for helping/healing professionals and practioners to access visual knowledge to awaken consciousness. My heart is rooted in awakening…that is what I truly care about in those I work with. The way I have learned to guide others into self awareness is through self expression, with a focus on image, language and inquiry. This is the training and certification to address this desire and to share one of my inherent gifts.

I know eventually new works are coming, but this had to be brought into the mix before the next phase of my creative life. I almost feel like I have been working on it all of my life! Honestly though, since 2013 I have been taking notes for this offering. It always felt like it was ready… ready… ready…but I had to wait for other pieces to fall into place.

Now of course, I have to deliver the training! Thankfully I have a wonderful collective of wise women and one great man to support that part of the process, what we call the Musea Collective, which means many voices.

Even if you aren’t in a helping/healing role at this point in your journey, you might appreciate learning more about visual knowledge and the impact it can have in our mind, heart and body. Coaching is the word we are using for working with others, but it is all about communication.

Studies show that 65% of people are visual learners, yet all of us engage with visuals all the time, but in a less conscious manner: marketing, social media, packaging, widgets, emojis, infographics, our computers/phones etc. And in subtle ways with recipes, with images in maps, magazines, book covers…once you become conscious of it you will see visual communications EVERYWHERE. Becoming conscious of it and how it works empowers us to engage with the future in an innovative and playful way! This isn’t just something for the talented, the artists, the designers, the marketers – learning to think visually and harnessing design thinking is available to all of us. We have the technology!

This voyage into consciousness has been informed by tens of thousands of my students, untold years of my life, and my heart for the world. I want to do what I can to wake people up, mostly because that is who I want to be on the planet with :), but also because when people are ‘asleep’ they don’t care as much about ‘all of us.’ Sleepers, or those who are not self aware, care more about ‘them and theirs’ and less about ‘us and ours.’ I feel and see, that this kind of thinking has gotten us and our planet into literal and figurative hot water.

Calling all Helping & Healing Practitioners and Professionals in Every Field! Welcome to this evolutionary approach to working with others, individually or in groups, to efficiently and effectively catalyze your client’s process and enhance their results. This is an invitation for the sacred scribes, the cosmic rebels, the medicine-keepers, urban shamans, the rogue therapists, the entrepreneur artists, the tech wizards, the intuitive coaches, the creative activists, practitioners of transformation, wise woman priestesses, the corporate game-changers, the storytellers on the edge, the visual renegades, the daring leaders, the integrative bodyworkers, the inspirational speakers, and initiates in every kind of healing modality This includes  consultants, who are looking for the ‘next big thing’ to rock their clients’ world.

Our Musea Collective team for this project so far includes Intentional Creativity Guild members : Sarah Mardell, Jenafer C. Owen, Mary MacDonald, Jonathan McCloud, Katherine Torrini, Lori Danyluk, Julie Steelman, Dina Tibbs, Tricia Ballad, Laurie Morse, Lauren Weatherford & Gisela Pineiro and there is more to come…

Here is a recent drawing where I am working out my ideas….you can start at the lower left with 1. Unaware and follow it up by tracking the numbers. This is what my personal design process looks like, and feels like. I really want to share with others how this works.


If you want to learn more, you can sign up now to be in the know 🙂 and immediately receive access to a video I created yesterday, peeking into my drawings from my trip to Italy. I sat down in one day and made a book of things I love and know of, visually, using all words with ‘C’. I am rather fond of it and thought you might enjoy it too.

Blessings on your path,


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