Musea Museum Co-Curators

The Co-Curators work as a collective to help craft the Intentional Creativity Museum.

Meet the Co-Curators

Amber Gould

Amber Gould

Amber is a dynamic creative and mystic, a student of life, and servant of beauty. She has a background in the non-profit sector working as an advocate for women in transition and crisis, as well as providing career coaching, resourcing and creativity workshops. She is a certified Intentional Creativity Teacher, Red Thread Intentional Creativity Guide, as well as an experienced group facilitator, workshop host, poet and musician.

Amber has a dynamic creative background that includes 11 years working as a medical language specialist, eventually creating her own niche business providing transcription support to environmental research groups and Indigenous communities across Canada, connected to her passion for Earth-honoring activism. Alongside this, Amber worked to become a DONA Certified Doula, as well as a creative writing facilitator, finding the work/life harmony that results from moving in multiple streams of self-expression and community building simultaneously.

Amber then chose to weave her experiences together, taking a management and employment coaching role for Howe Sound Women’s Center Society, a non-profit dedicated to serving women in crisis and transition. This eventually led her to pursue further work for nonprofits dedicated to the healing and advocacy of women, at which point she connected synchronistically with the work of Musea and Intentional Creativity, beginning as a student, and gradually moving into the  role of Curatorial Director for Musea Intentional Creativity Museum.

Amber arrives at her role in the Intentional Creativity Foundation having herself experienced the power of self-expression in catalyzing personal healing and transformation that extends out as a healing benefit for all. Amber is committed to creating pathways for collaborative wisdom, transformational social innovation, and emergent solutions to come through creativity, relationship and circle-based environs, believing, beyond reason, in the possibility of a more beautiful world in which we all have a role to play, one conscious and beautiful act at a time.

Milagros Suriano Rivera

Milagros Suriano-Rivera

Milagros Suriano-Rivera is a mixed media artist and Color of Woman 2019 Graduate and Intentional Creativity® Teacher. In addition to being a Musea Guild Member, Interview Host for our Mini Facebook Live Series, she has joined our circle as a Musea Co-creator Guild Member. She is a mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, lover, and creative catalyst for healing. As a Latina Woman of Color and member of our BIWOC community, she is grounded in her ancestral connection through Intentional Creativity®. Milagros love collaborating with the universe and creating medicine through painting, sculpting, stayed glass, resin, and witnessing our beautiful community!  Creativity literally fed her and her family and she came to truly understand the meaning of Proverbs 10:4 “a slack hand causes to poverty” meant, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.

My art is influenced by many talented artists, however, it was the teachings by Shiloh Sophia regarding the use of creativity to catalyze and awaken oneself did I realize that my creative voice is where my power lies and my life is richer for it. When I reflect on my creative journey in the context of my life, she knows that creativity is about embracing her shadow, creating my own light, and dance between the worlds so that I may bring healing by being a catalyst to impress, inspire, and impact others, which is what I am here to cause and create.

Jessica Richmond

Jessica is a lifelong lover of the arts. She has always believed in the power of creativity to generate healing for individuals, groups, and communities, which inspired her to become an expressive arts therapist. Jessica has a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology plus a Certificate of Graduate Study in Dance/Movement Therapy, and she is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Michigan.

Jessica has extensive experience providing counseling services that incorporate expressive arts therapy methods to individuals and groups in various settings. She also has experience with developing Innovative Programming. She designed and led an expressive arts therapy program for a neurobehavioral nursing home, which included coordinating a life-size art quilt project made with more than four hundred residents that became a marketing highlight of the organization. She also helped co-write a successful grant that funded a new horticultural therapy program at the same facility.

Jessica took a hiatus from the Counseling field when she was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to become a full-time Stay at Home mom.  During this time, she volunteered for her community’s large local art group as their Board of Directors’ Exhibit Chairperson, coordinating several in-person and online art exhibits. In addition, Jessica became a Certified Intentional Creativity Guide and Certified Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher. Through these trainings, she discovered her passion for painting and rediscovered her childhood love of writing, for which she is ever grateful.

Jessica has been part of the Intentional Creativity Foundation’s Docent program as a Co-Curator and Magazine Lead since its inception in 2020. She has authored and edited several articles for the magazine and has recently become part of Musea’s copywriting and editing team, which includes co-writing and co-developing content for the new Musea Member Zine.

Jessica loves spending her free time on her personal creative writing projects, painting, art journaling, reading, and most of all, enjoying time with her family. The mother of two sons, her kids consistently remind her of the power of laughter, silliness, and joy to heal the soul, which includes the bonus of never letting her get away with taking herself too seriously.

Chatelle Jeram

Chatelle Jeram

Chatelle is a Membership Coordinator and Co-Curator for Musea. As an Intentional Creativity Coach, she supports Creative Visionaries on their journeys to success.  With her art journal always within reach; Chatelle loves painting, drawing, writing and exploring the mysteries of life through creative practices.  She is passionate about deepening cultural understanding and bringing the joy!


Marnie Dangerfield

When not working and volunteering at Musea IC Museum, Marnie Dangerfield is an Intentional Creativity® Guide and Gardener who regularly experiences moments of awe, wonder and joy in the garden.

Her passion and curiosity are focused on healing our relationships with self, nature, and our innate creative power.

Current creative inquiries include: Can gardens be healing spaces for you and the planet? What might change if we choose to intentionally co-create beauty, joy, hope and well-being in the garden? What future might we create planting seeds of love, kindness, compassion, reciprocity, and gratitude now?

Anne Labrie, Co-Curator

Anne Labrie

Creative Bio…

Rosamaría Polidura

Rosamaría Polidura is the founder of Education as The Art of Hope and lives in Mexico City with her husband. She has been in a journey of discovering and learning the healing arts of psychotherapy, energy healing, coaching and facilitation for more than 20 years. She holds a PhD. in Gestalt Psychotherapy from which her Body of Work was born. Her mission is to create a culture of hope, connection, creation, and beauty; thus, the new generations of the world can evolve into their full genius and potential. She deeply believes that as women we have a deep calling to be the weavers of a new culture and the face of the planet can be changed forever. A teacher at her heart, finally she is fully embodying and sharing a new iteration of her Body of work through Intentional Creativity ®, as certified teacher, coach, and guide, as well as being part of the Co-curator team of MUSEA. She is the mother of two daughters and 4 rescued dogs.

Kelly Bonsall

Inspired by the Beauty that surrounds us and the Beauty that is with in us, Kelly Beth Bonsall creates experiences that evoke playfulness and pleasure while also sparking transformation and curiosity. Kelly has been an art educator and creativity guide since 2008, teaching formal art technique and theory while mixing in intuitive creativity and mindfulness practices. Her experience ranges from school classrooms to paint & wine parties to Intentional Creativity® workshops and beyond, and within this range of approaches, there is always the common thread of loving kindness and joy.

In addition to earning a BA in Arts Education and Studio Art and a Teaching Credential, Kelly has also completed the Color of Woman Teacher Training and is a member of the Intentional Creativity Guild.

Kelly is also a prolific working artist bringing the wonder and magic she cultivates in her life on to paper and canvas and out into the world. She has exhibited at Musea in Sonoma, CA, Studio 180 in Santa Rosa, CA, ArtSpace Gallery in Austin, TX and many more. As a member of the Intentional Creativity Foundation, The Art Society and the Austin Visual Arts Association, she finds deep value in being in community with other creatives.

Kelly is inspired and learns deeply from her twins, Mae and Cooper and beams with pride for her son Julien who studies art and design at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. She enjoys exploring new experiences, nesting at home and engaging in  fun adventures and is extremely grateful to part of an amazing family and group of friends. When she’s not creating art or creativity curriculum, Kelly enjoys dancing, playing, and merging into the magic of the Universe.

Sumaiyah Yates

Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates

Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates BKA “Wysdom” published her first written work — Dear Sister: A Book of Poetry and Conversation — in September of 2014. The writing came approximately one year after completing Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training and becoming a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher and Coach. The book, available on Amazon, is a journey through Intentional Creativity(R) using poetry as the catalyst for connecting to your Inner Self — thoughts, dreams, and musings about your Authentic Self. Wysdom wrote this book to help women implement the tools of Intentional Creativity in their lives, while having them perpetually available in their medicine baskets.

Wysdom is a survivor of intimate partner abuse. Her use of medicine painting and the other tools of Intentional Creativity were instrumental in helping her to heal the wounds of the past, find her life’s calling, and begin to walk the path Divinely given to her. In 2013, she completed her Intentional Creativity training with the knowledge that she has been called to be a helper to women also going through the process of healing from domestic violence. In the last 8 years, Wysdom has offered a multitude of classes in Intentional Creativity designed to help women begin instituting sacred self-care practices in their lives. These early years of educating women in sacred self-care has helped to shape Wysdom’s dream of offering a sacred self-care practice designed to assist survivors of domestic abuse.

D.O.T.S. of Dopeness — Domestic violence Outreach for Transformation and Support — is Wysdom’s dream realized. A sacred creative self-care practice requiring no artistic skill by design, DOTS seeks to help women establish a daily meditation and creative practice which will help them to excavate what lies beneath the wounds: their Authentic Self. Sacred self-care is key in navigating the world we live in today. To a woman who has experienced intimate partner abuse, it is even more important.

Beyond her book, Wysdom has published several magazine articles. Her most recent writing — an article discussing Juneteenth — was published in Musea Magazine in June of 2021. She is currently working on an article in honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month for the same Magazine.

In addition to Wysdom’s extensive career learning and sharing Intentional Creativity, she was also one of the owners of the Speak Out Slammaggedon, Baltimore’s Adult Poetry Slam Team. Slammaggedon won first place in the National Poetry Slam in 2017. Wysdom also owned the Soulful Emergence Art Gallery for several years before shutting its doors. Soulful Emergence was the host to 3rd Eye Thursdays, an open mic spoken word poetry event held bi-weekly for 3 years. In September 2021, Wysdom brought open mic poetry to the DIVA Empowerment Studio through Imagine Mondays, her current bi-weekly poetry event hosted by Desmond Guy.

Wysdom will be joining the 2022 Color of Woman Intentional Creativity Teacher Training course as an auditing student. Not only does she seek to update her knowledge and understanding of Intentional Creativity, Wysdom is looking to re-experience the soul healing goodness achieved through the medicine paintings she will be required to complete throughout this journey. She is on an adventure to find her best Self, both as an individual and survivor of intimate partner abuse, as well as as an educator and helper of women.