The Co-Curators Circle Gathers

In May of 2020, Curator, Shiloh Sophia and her husband, Musea Co-Founder, Jonathan McCloud, announced their vision to create a Living Museum that is based on the concept of ‘Musea’ – meaning many museums. A Museum that exists in many places and many spaces. This museum is made up of multiple galleries or wings with locations around the world as well as online – exhibiting, celebrating, promoting and marketing art created by women or anyone choosing to be a part of the Musea community of artists. With hundreds of certified Intentional Creativity Teachers across the globe and many opening their own Musea Global Centers for teaching Intentional Creativity, the possibilities are expansive. During a time of intersecting global challenges and social transformation, this is also a way of responding as artists and engaging in our own powerful forms of activism – activism rooted in love, acknowledging each person’s right to be self-expressed, uplifting women creatives as essential to Art (inclusive of women of color and culture), and amplifying the reach of Intentional Creativity and its powerful capacity to bring healing. This is not your average Museum! This is the emergent, ubiquitous container for one of the most powerful Art Movements on the planet!

Recognizing the incredible power of collaboration within our community, Shiloh Sophia put the call out to the Intentional Creativity Guild inviting them to be a part of building our Museum as Co-Curators – women who will be a part of curating the vision and path forward that will bring our Museum to life. She posed the question “One hundred years from now, what will they say about our movement?”. Initially hoping for a circle of at least 8 women volunteers, she was heartened to receive over 27 applications to the Co-Curator Circle in the first month, with 5 more additions after that. Guild Members have come forward with various skills and backgrounds, desiring to work together collaboratively to create a living museum that is both run by women artists, to exhibit women’s art to the world. The vision is for this Museum to have international reach and play a landmark role in amplifying and centering women artists and artrepreneurs – moving us towards deeper equality and equity in the Art Collective.

The Co-Curator Circle first gathered on July 16, 2020 with Curator, Shiloh Sophia’s visionary and visual art guiding and inspiring us toward an understanding of the broader vision and possibilities. At this time, Guild and Musea Team member, Amber Gould, was made the Co-Curator Project Coordinator to be a liaison between Curators/Owners and the Co-Curator Circle and to provide organizational structure to support flow. The Co-Curators got to work right away and began establishing focused project teams based on their expertise and interests. These women will continue to work together to co-curate the vision and concept for Musea, treating the experience itself as a kind of ‘art in action’ – an exhibit of women creatives creating space for women creatives! Something that is remarkably beautiful and iterative.

Here is an overview of current Co-Curator Circle projects teams and what they are focusing on to bring MUSEA’s Living Museums into being…

  • Exhibition Creation and Promotion: Creating themed, curated art shows, solo and group, and doing the A to Z work of engaging with artists, online exhibit building, promoting, and launching!
  • Art Storefront: Creating an online store for selling fine art prints and merchandise, offering Musea artists a chance to bring their art to market.
  • Scribe and Story: Telling the story of the artists, our matriarchal lineage, creating copy, articles, poetry, and chronicling the emergent journey.
  • Art Call: Learning the platform for creating calls for art submission and beginning to host juried art shows – our first art call will go live in October 2020!
  • Resources and Networking: Researching grants and funding channels that will help us in expanding our visibility and legacy as well as supporting investment in our Musea artists!
  • iMusea + WordPress: Creating our new Museum exhibit site and Museum reporting magazine including interviews and articles. The place to find anything related to our Museum exhibits!
  • Museum-craft: Dedicated to researching emergent museum practices, standards, and protocols, and moving Musea towards potential AAC accreditation.
  • Musea Degree Program Accreditation: Working with consultants towards potential WASC certification and getting CEU credits for our current Intentional Creativity School courses and trainings, with a future goal of a certified 4-year Intentional Creativity Curate Degree Program.

The teams have been busy, working with inspired devotion to get all of these projects off the ground. They have shown their incredible brilliance, powers of self-organization, and ability to work together – tapping into the sweet honey of the ‘hive mind’ and laying an incredible foundation for our emergent Museum.

The current members of the Co-Curator Circle include Guild Members:

Amanda Kent
Amber Gould
Anne LaBrie
Annette Wagner
Barbara Hall
Barbara Daughter
Caroline Miskenack
Donna Papenhausen
Hobby Parent
Jessica Richmond

Julie Graber
Juniper Mainelis
Kami Pollvogt
Kelly Bonsall
Lesley Dubroy
Leslie Nolan
Madhavi Devi (aka Cheryl Gallagher)
Margie Bettiol
Milagros Suriano-Rivera
Moana Whatu

Rosamaria Polidura
Rose Shaw`
Rosie Mac
Susan Mason
Tammra Harrison
Trish O’Malley
Valerie Kravette (aka Ivana Schtupp)
Virginia Masson
Jassy Watson
Chatelle Jeram

Stay tuned for updates as we continue to journey forward!