A Visionary Invitation to the Carnaval of Spirit Love Exhibit
from Elders Lauren Adorno-Weatherford and Semerit Strachan

-The Prelude-

Imagine yourself painting while listening to the music you love. As you step back to look at your work, you are extremely pleased with what you see in front of you. This painting feels very special. It is the deepest expression of who you are. Your entire body begins to vibrate with joyful energy. You can’t wait to share it with your Beloveds.

You decide to collect your canvas and take it outside. It is a beautiful, sunny, clear blue day. You begin to dance, hips swaying in motion with the warm breeze, feet keeping rhythm with the rustle of leaves and the birds in the trees. This canvas, your very own creation, becomes a most welcoming dance partner.

Suddenly, you realize that you are not alone… many women step out into the streets carrying their own canvas partners! Colorful skirts flare, like magnificent twirling flowers, as each of you move and groove toward one another, organically gathering together. Each of you now shares your paintings with deep pride. Drawn by this excitement, onlookers are joining as the music grows louder; drums and horns blaring the syncopated cacophony of joyful noise!

A celebration is at hand, and YOU are welcomed. Allow yourself to experience the adventure of discovery. We come from near and far, representing cultures from all over the globe, with unique and shared experiences!

Come witness how we express ourselves in color, image, spirit, symbol and word. It is time for women of culture to be seen, adored, beheld, honored and remembered.

The ancestors are calling. An adventure awaits you!

Open your eyes…

As you open your hearts.

What you will see in this art, are doorways into the oneness, and fullness of all women everywhere. This visual adventure will resonate deep in your bones— let it shift your perception. Let it change your experience. Allow it to feed your soul.

Welcome to the Carnaval of Spirit Love Exhibition.

A place of healing and reclaiming.

– About the Exhibit –

Carnaval of Spirit Love is Musea Intentional Creativity Museum’s inaugural BIWOC-designed and curated exhibit, which will celebrate the spirit, ancestry, and beauty of women of color and culture in the Musea community.

This exhibit is a collaborative project with curation from the MUSEA BIWOC Leadership Team including: Elder Semerit Strachan and Elder Lauren Adorno-Weatherford, Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates, and Milagros Suriano-Rivera In coordination with Musea Curator, Shiloh Sophia, and Curatorial Director, Amber Gould.

To give you excited about this wonderful exhibit, we invite you to watch the BIWOC Pass The Paintbrush “I Am A Woman of Color!” Celebration video, showcasing many of the incredible artists that are a part of this show!

During This Opening Show you will:

Participate in a vibrant visual journey of celebratory music, poetry, and an array of paintings that holds the spirit of each BIWOC member.

Witness the beauty, energy and presence of our community of Black, Indigenous, Women of Color.

Connect with the cultural story of each artist.

Celebrate the power and potency of the many cultures represented.

Experience the honoring of ancestral lineages

Explore how connecting to Spirit through creative acts allows access for healing and rediscovering of ancestral connections.

We look forward to having you as our guest at the museum show. This event is open to the public, and we encourage you to invite your friends, family, and community along for a date at the museum!