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Arts of Justice
Virtual Daylong Class

Tuesday, July 11
Multi-media Presentation: Zoom + Livestream + Recorded Footage
(Watch within 6 months)

Shiloh Sophia in conjunction with MUSEA’s Sacred ECHOES of the Well Sisterhood come together to continue our activism work for artistic expression.


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Group hug during Living the Truth Sonoma Weekend



Dear Ones,

I’m here today passing the mic to Sumaiyah Wysdom Yates, the Executive Director of the Intentional Creativity Foundation. She has been a part of our community since 2013 and believes powerfully in the work of Intentional Creativity.

Sumaiyah uses her work to uplift the voices of women, especially women of color. She has been working on this Arts of Justice event with me from the beginning and wanted you to know why this event is so important to her…

With love,
Shiloh Sophia



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Dear Sarah,

On June 3rd I attended a life-changing film showcase: the Living The Truth Cinema Event at the Sebastiani Theatre in Sonoma, California. I traveled nearly 3,000 miles to attend this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, not only to view the 3 films – A Place of Rage, Warrior Marks, and Beauty In Truth – but for the opportunity to meet the women behind these powerful movies. The draw of meeting Pratibha Parmar and Alice Walker got me on that airplane. I wanted to sit in the room with and experience the powHER and energy of these award-winning women in the arts.

As a Black woman, I understand the struggles these women face to get their art out into the world. The roadblocks are immense – not because the talent isn’t apparent in their art. But for two reasons: 1) they are women, and 2) they are women of color. And because of this, I wanted to be present to support these, and all, women in the arts. This has been a mission of mine even before I became MUSEA Intentional Creativity Foundation’s Executive Director.

My entire life has been affected by those 2 factors – Black + woman. This event confirmed that supporting women in the arts was the correct path for me. And the films themselves changed me in a way that is hard to put into words. They helped me to become more vocal in my support and activism, to add my voice in support of women who have had their voices stifled. The Cinema Event and meeting Elder Alice and Pratibha gave me the strength to continue my quest to make sure that the world knows that women in the arts matter.

As a Black woman and an artist, my difficulties getting my art out into the world are exacerbated. Statistically although women make up 50% of artists, only 2% of female artists are represented in galleries and museums. The stats for female representation in the world of writing and filmmaking is just as abysmal. But I am not deterred, and attending the Living The Truth Cinema Event only bolstered my determination to continue fighting for equality for women in the world of art.

The time is NOW to take a stand and show that women matter!

Take your stand with me here.

And the Arts of Justice Virtual Painting Class is the next step in changing the paradigm. Our collective voices through the imagery of the Arts of Justice Activism Posters that will be created on July 11 will show the world that women in the arts, in fact, do matter! Let’s join together and “break the Internet” through the images of our posters. Let’s use our voices and our platforms to give voice to the women who have been stripped of their own voice. Let us stand in the gap in solidarity to support all women in the arts.

As Executive Director of the Foundation, I have had the honor of assisting Shiloh Sophia with both events as well as helping her to ensure that the $5,000 grant given to Pratibha to continue her work was realized. Your participation in the Arts of Justice Virtual Painting Class helps the Intentional Creativity Foundation to continue its mission of support for women in the arts. We could not do this without you! By supporting our programs and your generous donations, the grant for Pratibha was made possible. In order for the Foundation to continue this vital work, your continued support is needed.

The Arts of Justice event will help us ensure that future grants to women who are working to shift the paradigm through the arts are available. We don’t want to stop here! Our vision is to ensure that we can help as many as we are able. Joining us for this event not only shows your solidarity, it also demonstrates that you will take a stand with us to show the world that women and their art really matter. Will you take a stand with us?

On July 11, we will have live music by Rashida Oji as a backdrop for the Intentional Creativity painting process lead by Shiloh Sophia. We will enjoy deep, life-changing conversations with MUSEA’s Sacred ECHOES sisterhood for Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color and Culture. We will come together to take a stand for and give voice to WOMEN! The culmination of this event will be sharing our Arts of Justice Activism Posters throughout the Internet (and physically) as far and as wide as we are able to showcase them.

This is a Global Gathering!

The entire event is being hosted via Zoom + Livestream. Access to the content is available to you for 6 months. If you are unable to attend live, you will still be able to join us as we take this stand. This includes the painting class and conversations as well as documentary footage from the June 3 and 4 Cinema Event. Listen to Pratibha and Elder Alice as they speak from the stage of the Sebastiani Theatre. Hear Shiloh Sophia talk about what called her to this work. Enjoy the soulful sounds of Rashida Oji… Everything will be available to your from the Arts of Justice Dashboard.

Best yet? Know that the funds raised from this event will help ensure that MUSEA’s 501(c)(3) non-profit organization will be enabled to continue doing the work and support women in the arts.

I hope you will join us.
Much Love,
Sumaiyah xoxo


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Enjoy this complimentary video with Shiloh Sophia and Alice Walker, filmed in May 2023.

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