Author: Kate Langlois

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Guild Gathering

McMinnville, Oregon

In 2018 our teacher, Shiloh Sophia revived the medieval practice of gathering those who have developed proficiency in an art of trade, into a guild of Journeywomen. Our preparation includes the yearlong Color of Woman Teacher training in Intentional Creativity, completing our thesis, and creating our initiate book summarizing assignments and offerings we’ve given. There are now over 250 Guild members worldwide. Check our Directory for someone near you! 

Sepha, Nadya & Shiloh 2016

Nearly 20 Guild Gals currently live in Oregon and Southern Washington, and several of us met for the first time in classes, at graduation, during travels, or in an in-person gathering. In November, I invited the local gals to a gathering at the studio in MECA Gallery, McMinnville Center for the Arts. We set it for the afternoon, and Jan from Southern Washington, 3 hours away, chose to stay overnight! 

Sharing Purple Thread

While we use red thread in circles when gathering with students and beloveds in our broader community, we use a Purple Thread of Leadership when meeting with other Guild members. I’ve shared purple thread with several SiStars as they traveled through Oregon, weaving strands of connection. It is always a delight when we gather, and this was no exception!

We shared chocolate and tea, warmth and SiStarhood. Our Muses must have consulted, as our the colors we wore were delightfully coordinated! We passed the thread, shared insights from our year and dreams for the future. We planned to share a Metacognitive drawing practice, (Uma is taking the Motherboard Training), but after our check-in round we just kept talking! We talked, laughed, commiserated, until we finally said our find goodbyes, with a stronger sense of connection and sisterhood.

We’ve made plans to meet again quarterly, likely in Portland or Olympia. Each time we’re together, in person or virtually, the connections strengthen, We’re just a thread away…

Purple Threads Cuff

I used the purple yarn from this and other circles with my Guild SiStars to crochet this little cuff bracelet. It’s both decorative and a wonderful reminder I can just give a tug, and the support and love from my sisters is on the other end!

Join a class with Nadya King!
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An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Phyllis A. Taylor

Orlando, Florida

In December of 2019 I participated in Art Basel! I was excited to have been invited by the Art Basel Miami Gallery to join several other African/American, Caribbean and Latin American artists to show their works.

Art Basel Miami Gallery is located in the neighborhood known as Little Haiti, rich in Haitian culture and language. I met so many incredible young artists who painted on a variety of substrates and various mixed media. There were gatherings, interviews and camaraderie, food and fun!

Though I wanted to get to many of the other galleries around Miami Beach I didn’t make it that far because of the crowds, traffic and my not knowing where the heck I was all the time! I did get to see much of Little Haiti and other satellite exhibits. All the while there was something I kept wondering, Why isn’t Art Basel more inclusive of other, not so prominent, local galleries? It seems ironic that art fairs/artists come from everywhere outside of Miami yet Art Basel rarely includes galleries or artists local to Miami.

There are many established Black, Caribbean & Latin American cultured/owned galleries that spend 2/3 of the year raising money to be able to showcase the work of these local artists. Yet little, if any, publicity is given by Art Basel and/or the mainstream galleries.

Mention of Black Art or any initiative to highlight artists of color or art exhibits in Miami’s heritage neighborhoods was relegated to the last page (back of the bus) of fair brochures or omitted entirely.

Unfortunately most of the artists included in the Black art fairs were not represented at the main Miami Beach Art fairs. The vast majority of Black contemporary artists occupied venues on the periphery of the main fairs with little to no publicity.

These satellite galleries create spaces that value community more than capital. This presents the question of how to sustain these vital spaces for future shows?

I loved every moment of being present at Art Basel Miami! Though I didn’t get to view some of the million dollar plus paintings on display at Art Basel (Miami Beach) I wouldn’t exchange my experience of viewing the art by local, relatively unknown artists I did see!

Creativity abounded everywhere!

It was my first time traveling to Miami and I am thankful to and grateful for Intentional Creativity Teacher Marcela Segal opening her home to me as her guest! It was a week of true excitement and exploration!

Phyllis A. Taylor is an Artist and Intentional Creativity Teacher based in Orlando, Florida. She teaches an array of class offerings to seniors and women’s groups, as well as co-creating workshops with other teachers in Intentional Creativity and Expressive Arts. Visit her website to learn more! www.pannetartstudio

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Virginia Masson

It is with great joy that we share Virginia Masson’s up and coming December 2019 opening of the Great Lakes Center for Intentional Creativity, the mid-west affiliate for Global Musea – Intentional Creativity Foundation.

The Musea collective is a curated gathering of unique voices committed to telling stories that inform, educate, and uplift our collective evolution in continually emergent way. The stories are told through diverse mediums including but not limited to image, language, object and sound – all experienced by our senses. We create with respect to the ancestors and hope for our descendants. Founded by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, the Collective reaches up to 15,000 people globally every month, with both free and paid offerings, as well as representing women in the arts at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

We hope you will dive in or simply dip a toe into our whimsical workshops and heart-opening Red Thread Circles. Our vision is to re-ignite the creative fire in each of its beloved clientele, offering tools and support to find their own voice and rediscover their innate creativity. Our beautiful Great Lakes-inspired space will also be open for community gatherings and events hosted by like-minded teachers, holistic practitioners and non-profit social support groups.

The space is a part of the Plymouth Arts and Recreation Cooperative (PARC), a non-profit that supports artists of all disciplines, environmental groups, experimental kitchens and is completely focused on bringing the arts to the surrounding community. Tenants include the Michigan Philharmonic, Friends of the Rouge, Bees in the D, Center for Creative Studies, glass blowers, potters, opera, dance and theater groups and several visual artist’s collaboratives.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey, and most importantly, I want to thank Bernie… he is the reason I believe this has become a reality. In life and in death, he has given me the courage to step off the cliff and trust that my wings can carry me. And it doesn’t hurt to know his angel wings are lifting me too. Don’t wait, life is short, live it now.

Virginia Masson is a wonder-filled artist and Intentional Creativity teacher specializing in guiding transformational change using the enchanting method of Intentional Creativity.

I hope you will follow the journey of creation as the Great Lakes Center for Intentional Creativity becomes a reality and consider joining in one of our soul-expanding workshops, or connect with your beloved community at a heart opening Red Thread circle.

If you would like an exclusive invitation to the Grand Opening go to

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Layers Exhibit

Intentional Creativity Teacher Annette Wagner

Opening Reception Sunday, September 15, 2-5pm

The fine art group exhibit LAYERS featuring members of the Women’s Caucus for Art, Peninsula Chapter, will be on display at the Los Altos Hills Town Hall from September 2019 through March 2020. The expression of this exhibit proves that works of art have many layers: layers of interpretation, meaning, emotion and sometimes layers of color and materials. The women who create these works have underlying layers of understanding that are revealed in the process.

One of the artists in this exhibit is our very own Annette Wagner. Annette is an IC Teacher as well as one of our Art Doctors in the Color of Woman Training. She teaches Earth Prayers – a mix of Intentional Creativity with the ink practice of sumi-e. Sue Hoya Sellars first put a sumi-e brush in her hands and she continued to deepen this thread by working with Taiwan artist May Shei. Annette has three paintings in the show, two of which are from her Grandmother Ocean series. 

The artists’ reception, free and open to the public, will be held on Sunday, September 15, 2019, from 2:00 – 5:00 pm at Town Hall, featuring live music by Rebecca and Gary Lee Parks. Refreshments and wine will be available.

 An art walk-and-talk tour of the exhibit, also free and open to the public, will be held on Saturday, January 18, 2020, from 2:00 – 4:00 pm at Town Hall.

Los Altos Hills Town Hall 26379 Fremont Road Los Altos Hills, CA, 94022

Discover more about Annette’s art and classes

An Eye On Intentional Creativity:: Tania Magennis

CODEX, the 13 Moon Painting Journey led by Shiloh Sophia, Founder of Cosmic Cowgirls and Intentional Creativity®, started in September of 2018. 

Little was I to know HOW this experience as a Cosmic Pilgrim on a Flight of Fancy was to turn my life upside down and impact my business and my life and how it would support me when I packed the whole house ready to move interstate and it never happened!

Awakening can be curated by choice ~ Shiloh Sophia

It was during the 4th Moon of this wondrous adventure, both on the canvas and in the journal that I danced with the Critic and the Muse one auspicious evening and “awoke” to a painting I had done nearly 9 months earlier, Called PRISM. In fact I had done this painting in the presence of Shiloh when she visited Melbourne, Victoria in Australia earlier in 2018. 

Suddenly, I could SEE the message of my painting SOOO clearly. At the time, I had simply called it THE OBSERVER, but now with the new Cosmic Map I was wearing, the light that I was inviting in with the expansion of consciousness and being present to my Muse and entering into the domain of my hidden mysterious self through CODEX, I saw for the first time, that this image represented a SEER in fact, a SEER of my own HEART…..

I LOVED the play on words with this realisation and it wasn’t long after, that I realised, in a whole body feeling kinda way, that I needed to change my business name to this: SEER OF THE HEART. And rather than being an oracle for others, it was my piece of the red thread to SHOW my beloveds how they can be the SEERS of their own hearts too – through the magical process of Intentional Creativity®

OMGoddess!  In just over a two week period, I changed the name, the colour scheme, the vibe and wording on a website that had taken me 4 months to birth and create!

New perspectives spilled out everywhere – within me and around me! 

Ohhhh this is what I had been waiting for all this time! The wrestling I had been doing with my Critic over whether or not I had been procrastinating, what was I fearful of, why hadn’t I started fully immersing myself into creating and running classes? The answers all spilt out during the Moon Chapter of CODEX called : The Observer…..

I felt sooo SWITCHED ON and kissed by the moon! – I could feel the vibration of energy I was conjuring and how I had, fallen into a river of love that was the current of my own Soul ~ Clare Dubois

Nearly immediately, I started filming my first online class called, Curator of Curiosity – embracing the Intentional Creativity® teachings of creating and designing the life you truly wish to live, creating spaciousness and consciousness for thinking and having presence, and accessing the sacred information that the Muse holds for you to hear – when you are ready to practice that DEEP LISTENING to your Heart’s whisperings……

Through the ALLOWING and SURRENDERING to this flow, the “current of my Soul,” I was able to step into the beauty of myself as a Creative Being but also to “let go” of being so caught up in my thoughts on the canvas too. I found myself following the brush more rather than directing it, and rather than building and construction my painting, I found myself consciously de-constructing and fully immersing myself into every stroke I was making. As I witnessed the canvas, I could see and feel it witnessing me!

During the first 5 months of 2019, my husband and I had decided we were going to make a move of residence, not just shift house but to shift interstate, up north to New South Wales in Australia. By May, I had the whole house pretty much packed and we were living around piles of stacked boxes and had the one plate each, one set of cutlery and one bath towel etc that we were managing on. The only art I still had out was my paints and brushes and my CODEX painting…. I had been trying for weeks to apply for part-time jobs and had filled out so many rental’s for applications for rental houses – I felt like our personal information was spread out across the whole of the Coffs Coast area. 

At the end of May I just broke down in tears – I couldn’t do it anymore. I was exhausted, it was dead end after dead end, I was sick of not having my things out and it was doing my head in seeing a sea of cardboard all around me all the time. I had put on weight and was starting to have associated health problems.

The re-orientation I thought I was doing to be able to make the move of course, came up in my CODEX process….in Moon 9 – when I summoned forth my WISDOM and distilled this from my cosmic well of alchemy, I realised that my idea of “moving forward” was not a physical move but rather one of perception….and I soon found myself unpacking all the boxes! Ohhh the relief! 

Resilience requires rigour ~Shiloh Sophia

Through my CODEX process I realised I was right back where I started my journey, but, in fact, I was no longer the same person that I was when I started!

In amongst these feelings of disappointment, resentment, second-guessing my intuition and feelings of being stuck came….the beautiful Rose of Resilience – as I painted this big pink bloom on my canvas, I felt these feelings melt away and found myself moving from longing to Be-longing to the place where I am now, feet planted firmly on the ground.

The healing of the rose energy, literally (bathing in the essence) and metaphorically  was incredible… I know without this process called Intentional Creativity®, it could have been quite easy for me to, fall in a heap.

Instead I rose, I rose through the pain, the confusion and blossomed on my canvas and in my sense of place.

This journey has been one of the biggest adventures in my life. I feel like I entered the Colour of Woman Teacher training as a Maiden, I used my Mother/Creatrix energy to birth my business and website but it is with CODEX that I fully claimed my Sovereignty!

By “making my mark” in my CODEX process, I have been really able to feel into and claim my cosmic address of, “Who lives here!”

My hands created magic as I danced across my canvas, from my mind I felt totally open to new possibilities and expansion, celebrating that I was made from stardust and I can choose to cultivate my consciousness, as informed by my heart……and that from this experience I now carry a higher perspective and use imagination and creativity as keys to unlock all the potential I hold inside of me….I am forever in gratitude for Shiloh Sophia and the lineage of women before her, for this way of living called Intentional Creativity®

Tania Michelle Magennis

Intentional Creativity Coach & Teacher