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Join us April 20 at 12 pm PT for the Mother Tree Museum Show, Exhibit Opening and TreeSisters Fundraiser!

About this event

MUSEA Intentional Creativity Museum presents the Mother Tree Museum Show and Exhibit Opening, in collaboration with TreeSisters International. This Exhibition features curated artwork from the Mother Tree Global Call for art, which invited self-identified women to tell the story of their love and advocacy of our global forests through creative self expression and the submission of multimedia art. Co-creating an investment in global reforestation efforts with 50% of proceeds from entry fees directed to Treesisters Reforestation Projects.

This Museum Show and Opening for the Mother Tree Exhibit will take place LIVE online on April 20, 2022, in honor of the upcoming Earth Day. This Museum Show will be hosted by MUSEA Curator, Shiloh Sophia, the MUSEA CoCurators, with special guest TreeSister Artist Liaison, Kathleen Brigidina, who will share about TreeSister’s women-led global reforestation work and how artists are involved! At the show we will share the Mother Tree Exhibit – a celebration of the artwork and the co-creation of global reforestation, as well as an honoring of the Earth and the Mother Trees that keep our forests alive.

Tickets are complimentary or by donation with tiered and personal donation amount options. All proceeds go towards our TreeSisters fundraising events with a goal of plainting 90,000 trees. We thank you for your collaboration!

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