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Join us January 19 at 4 pm PT for the Musea Intentional Creativity Museum Show!

About this event

Join Musea Curator, Shiloh Sophia, with featured Soul Artist, Laura Hollick and Photographer Kevin Thom for the unveiling of the Dream a nü Dream virtual exhibit, and lively conversation about self-expression, making ourselves art, and letting creativity flow.

About the Solo Exhibit

Dream a nü Dream is about re-imagining a world in which the richness of human creativity can work in partnership with the Earth’s majesty.

As we face the birth canal of these transformational times, there is a deeper call to remember our roots and grow new ways of being that honor and revere beauty, creativity, nature, and its cycles.

The colors of the rainbow guide us through this exhibition. They represent the full spectrum of human creativity and our capacity for creative expression. Color takes us through a journey to re-imagine how we can be on the Earth, honoring her majestic beauty while simultaneously bringing forth our creativity and wild imagination.

Each image in this show is a glowing portal that opens into the richness of our soul’s imagination, a way to hear the whispers and roars of the Earth’s desire for us to Dream a nü Dream.

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