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Join Curator, Shiloh Sophia for Into the Future Museum Show
presenting the unfinished works of Sue Hoya Sellars

Wednesday, August 18 at 4 pm Pacific Time LIVE online!

This exhibit features 15 unfinished works from Master Painter, Teacher, and Intentional Creativity Matriarch, Sue Hoya Sellars.

Beginning her art career as a biological illustrator, Sue became fascinated and curious about the life that was animating objects she was illustrating. This led to a lifelong inquiry into the nature of consciousness. Her images, pottery, and illustrations reflect this inquiry and the mysterious nature of consciousness inhabiting matter and our co-creative capacities.

“Whether I am doing studies of deer in my meadow or painting an angel moving between dimensions, there is always a glimmer of the cosmos showing through their bodies and parts of the landscape. My work has one primary concept: exploring the formation of our bodies from the cooling of gaseous material originating from the beginning of the universe.” – Sue Hoya Sellars

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