We invite you to watch an Artist Interview with Kiné Aw. This interview was hosted by Curator, Shiloh Sophia, with support and translation provided by Elder Semerit Strachan. We had over 80 people in attendance to connect with Kiné live and enjoy this artful conversation!

Kiné shared her experiences with art as a form of engagement on both the individual level as well as with the collective imagination. She expressed her role as actor and spectator in her creative process, and what it means to be creating with ‘rootedness and openness’. She also shared an exploration of the African Feminine and the many nuances that exist for her as a Senegalese woman and painter, pushing through taboos and staying on the innovative edge.

“What I stumbled upon as I began to paint, in my role in Senegal, I am actor and at the same time I am the spectator – I watch what I am engaged in. So it is through this gaze of the spectator, that I receive a little bit of perspective and distance, and then I get to my studio and I can redefine what I gaze upon. Redefine through my own style, my own emotions, and then find what it is that I want to say, what I want to call out, what I want to reveal. It can be beautiful, or something that attention needs to be called upon – something that is being hidden. We are never doing anything other than translating what is in our unconscious.” ~ Kiné Aw


Thank you to all those who attended the show live and offered your witness and engagement. We look forward to many more artist interviews to come, here at Musea : Intentional Creativity Museum!