On December 16, 2020, Musea launched the Artifacts of the Future Exhibit, featuring the incredible work of 80 women artists who participated in the 2020 Artifact Medicine Painting Class. We had an incredible live virtual show opening hosted by Curator, Shiloh Sophia, and Co-Curator, Amber Gould, with attendance from over 100 community members to celebrate the occasion!

The Artifact Medicine Painting Class began on Summer Solstice of 2020, with over 200 women saying yes to this sacred journey involving 3 months of devoted painting, writing, and connecting together in a supportive and inspirational group container. The experience started with an invitation for each participant to open herself up to the archetype of feminine awakening that exists within her, and that can be made manifest through her. The participants were encouraged to view this as a journey to discover their unique and internally sourced archetype – one that is a true distillation of their inner truth, sacred content, and essential self. 

In this discovery process, each woman had the opportunity to examine the archetypes and stories she was currently embodying – whether consciously or unconsciously – taking the time through the process of medicine painting and writing, to release what no longer serves, beginning instead to cultivate her own conscious and united archetype. 

Through the intentional and sacred practice of Medicine Painting and Mother Tongue writing – which is writing from one’s soul voice – the artists layered their paintings with symbols and marks representative of their most coherent selves. Layer upon intentional layer, each woman’s painted image transformed into an artifact of her deepest access – a doorway to a transformational part of her story. This artifact is unique to her truth, her experience, and her archetype of feminine awakening at this exact moment in time! There is a power to this that ripples outward into the future, for when these images are found by our future generations, they will communicate a meaningful and rich story about the feminine in this time.  In this way, through the Artifact painting experience, WE collectively, as Intentional Creativity artists, are choosing to consciously curate and declare a new narrative about the feminine through our paintings! 

The Artifacts of the Future Exhibit featured 80 paintings from the Artifact group painting experience representative of each woman’s sacred journey of accessing her archetype of feminine awakening. During our live show opening, we invited some of the artists to tell the story of their painting, giving the live audience a taste of just how potent and powerful their experience had been.

As the women shared their stories, there was a palpable sense of the deep healing work  and personal transformations that had come through their Artifact journey. 

We encourage you to go to the Community Dashboard, to watch the full video recording of the Virtual opening of the Artifacts of the Future Exhibit. 

Milagros Suriano-Rivera – top, second from left – sharing her Artifact painting and story.

One of the Artifact artists, and participants on the live exhibit opening, Sylvia B, remarked:

“Coming out of the Artifact Musea Exhibition Opening Call and am still in tears with my heart broken wide open. Somehow it took seeing all the wonderful Artifacts with their names and artists in a row underlined with the perfect fitting music and Shiloh’s introduction about what we were doing – Re-painting the collective image of WOMAN – that truly got to me on a visceral level in my body soul and field. To all of you brave women who dare to dismantle the patriarchy/over-culture and rebirth themselves into a liberated state of wholeness and enoughness. I’m deeply grateful and feel blessed and honored to be part of this circle of MUSEA members and women artists. Thank you!” 

It truly was a powerful experience, with nearly 100 women gathered live online to witness the opening of the show! Watching the virtual exhibit slideshow together, allowing ourselves to be deeply impacted by each image that came across the screen, and hearing the testimonies from the Artifact participants who shared their stories, felt to so many like a deeply sacred moment in time. 

We are so grateful to Curator, Shiloh Sophia, for her inspiration and vision in creating the Artifact Medicine Painting Journey, and her continuous dedication to uplifting the voices of women and empowering them to access the awakened feminine within themselves. We also want to thank all of the support team who assisted during the Artifact class, including trish o’malley, Lauren Adorno-Weatherford, Semerit Strachan, and Rosie Mac. Their support and tending of the group throughout the 3-month Artifact journey and beyond helped to make the experience possible and held each participant so well. 

We also want to extend our gratitude to the Musea Co-Curators Circle for supporting the creation of the Exhibit with special thanks to Maia Lemann and Amber Gould who designed the exhibit page, and Jenafer Joy for creating the powerful virtual slideshow. 

If you are inspired by the Artifacts of the Future Exhibit and sharing of the Artifact experience, we invite you to consider journeying with us for RITUAL: Our 2021 Yearlong Medicine Painting course.

Ritual will begin in January 2021 and will be a 13-moon Medicine Painting experience guided by Shiloh Sophia, Jenafer Joy, with special guest, Dr Martin Shaw. Consider including painting as part of your sacred devotional practice in 2021! 

Holiday blessings of peace and good will to you all.

The Musea Collective