“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members” ~ Coretta Scott King

Musea Museum in Many Lands
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A Message from Musea Curator, Shiloh Sophia

Dear One,

Greetings to you this day! I am writing with an invitation that is very dear to my heart, and dear to the thousands of women artists we will represent this year. Do you want to be a part of something courageous? I do I do I do!

So many art movements over the past few hundred years have been defined by a small handful of people in a set place with specific ideas of how images and ideas fit together. More specifically, a small handful of men. Even more specifically, a small handful of white men. Enough already. Museums are actively changing that paradigm as we speak. It is about time.

I don’t know about you all, but I am just about as ready for a change as I have ever been. When you work on something all of your life, social justice, women’s voices and the right to be self-expressed you get to this crossroads on the path. This crossroads presents you an opportunity to take the next bigger leap, or stay where you are. Our community is ready for that bigger leap and you are invited to jump in with us. I pray for the bravery to persevere in our vision.

As an artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist for over twenty years I have worked to raise up women’s voices and images. I know full well when those in the power-over structures define the images of the women and their families, they don’t have our best interests in mind. Who controls the images, often dominates the culture. So let us do our part to change the dominant paradigm to one where women’s voices, images, stories and lives are treated as equal. And until then, we will center our focus on women’s art.

We aren’t asking you to join us to support us in the arts, rather we are asking you to join us to support yourself in the arts, and all the women artists around the world that we are reaching with our work. On average we communicate with over 30,000 women across the globe – we inspire, provoke, invite, showcase and elevate your work.

I can’t say for certain if we really are the largest art movement in the world, but one thing is for sure, reaching more and more women really matters to us. We have an enduring legacy that started in the 1930s and our reach is staggering even to us. While we have had physical spaces to show our art since 2000, our virtual museum opened in May and has had thousands of visitors to our shows so far. We have over 400 members and growing daily, we have over 1000 people in our private app, we have over 9,500 in our FB art group, and we are growing in strength with each member who comes. We are really, really excited!

One of the things which just lights up my heart is that we have a Black, Indigenous and Women of Color Circle for our members and students to gather and support one another. We will be having a show for Kine’ Aw from Africa this Spring, and then in the Winter, a show featuring just BIWOC. Exciting days ahead for us!

Our multi-cultural intergenerational community is here to welcome you – to join us, and dive into your own creative practice. This Saturday, our entire Musea Membership community is invited to join us for a two-hour class on your Creative Path. This is the perfect time to join us!

From my heart, I can’t think of anything that lights me up more than offering you this museum membership.

This is a dream come true. I used to go to the museum with my teacher, Sue Hoya Sellars, it was a very BIG deal being a member. As soon as we can see each other again, our community will be gathering in museums throughout the world – let’s get connected now so that when that time comes we are already a part of a movement moving colorfully across the globe.

With heart,

Shiloh Sophia

“Whoever controls the image and information of the past determines what and how future generations will think; whoever controls the information and images of the present determines how those same people will view the past” ~George Orwell

Three Reasons to Become a Member Today

  1. Be a part of a global women’s art movement to share your gifts and experience the art of thousands of women bringing their work forward.
  2. Gather with us two times a month, and enjoy visual journaling videos every single week to deepen your creative practice.
  3. Join Musea Curator, Shiloh Sophia, and our circle of over 400 members for A Creative Path 2-Hour Class to start our year together this Saturday 1/30 at 12pm PT or watch the recording.

Becoming a Member includes these benefits and so much more. Membership is our core focus in 2021 and at the heart of everything we do!

A Message from Musea Collective

When you think about how you want to spend your resources this year such as time, life force and money, what comes to mind?

Often we want to focus on things that bring us joy and help us feel connected to something greater than ourselves. Something we can be a part of that truly matters and makes a big difference in our lives and the lives of others.

When you become a member of MUSEA, you are one of our many muses from many lands with many voices and many hands. You are among a global, diverse community of women creatives forging a path together as we lift up the voices of Women Artists and support each other to bring our work forward to a world in great need of images created by real women.

Your membership goes towards our all-female museum staff through the Intentional Creativity Foundation. Further, all Musea University courses in 2021 require Membership, kind of like a student body card. Registering for membership gives you immediate access to A Creative Path Class which helps kick off the year for our members.

The value provided by the Musea Membership is exponential, with several circles a month, one guided by Shiloh Sophia and the other by Guild Members Marnie and Chatelle. Weekly Intentional Creativity prompts from Jenafer Joy. A BIWOC Circle guided by Lauren and Semerit. Hours of classes available now, and new classes by Shiloh Sophia added regularly. Plus the iMusea app for connection, rather than Facebook. You can get started for just $10 a month.

Your next step is to head over to our membership invitation and signup for Artist or Society membership. Guild is reserved for Graduates.

We truly want to invite those who are interested in practicing Intentional Creativity as a part of your own life’s work to become Musea Members. Our next juried call for painting submissions is coming right up offered by our Co-Curator team, called Women Woven Together. The show will open during the month of March for International Women’s Day – with our opening show in tandem with the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, which we have been a part of for over 7 years featuring women’s work, stories, voices and paintings!

Opening February 1, 2021, Open Call for Entry for Women Artists

Here is a recent share from one of our Musea Members:

“Just wanted to show some appreciation for the team who are curating the Musea Membership. I know there are a whole group of you making this magic happen. I love the invitation, the rhythm of the creative cycle, the expansive offer, it’s like a gorgeous magical shop you can go and browse in when you need a boost and treat yourself to a process that calls you.”

About Weekly Inquiries with Jenafer Joy

With this year’s membership, Shiloh Sophia invited none other than the best friend of her Muse, Jenafer Joy to be the guide for our weekly member inquiries. You will be delighted by the unexpected epiphanies that result from the quick pointed instructions. Jena has been working with Intentional Creativity for over 11 years. Get ready for a year of video nudges, accompanied by good music, to carry you towards your own inspiration!

The Art of Women of Color:

A journey toward personal and collective self-definition

We are thrilled to announce that this year we will have monthly BIWOC Circles for our members and students guided by Leaders Elder Semerit Strachan and Lauren Adorno-Weatherford.

In their own words…”The world needs the dissemination of the images we create. It is our drive and mission to make this happen. By the end of the year, we hope that we will have created a personal and collective vision for The Art of Women of Color.”

Another invitation will be coming focused entirely on calling the BIWOC women into community.

So… what do you say?

Are you called? This is a dream and you are a part of it. Yep! We are only 18 years into a 100-year plan to revolutionize the work of women in the arts, and you are invited!

If the answer is YES, we would love to have you as part of our colorful community of Musea Members.

If you have a question or need support, simply email support@musea.org