It is with great joy that we share Virginia Masson’s up and coming December 2019 opening of the Great Lakes Center for Intentional Creativity, the mid-west affiliate for Global Musea – Intentional Creativity Foundation.

The Musea collective is a curated gathering of unique voices committed to telling stories that inform, educate, and uplift our collective evolution in continually emergent way. The stories are told through diverse mediums including but not limited to image, language, object and sound – all experienced by our senses. We create with respect to the ancestors and hope for our descendants. Founded by Shiloh Sophia McCloud, the Collective reaches up to 15,000 people globally every month, with both free and paid offerings, as well as representing women in the arts at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

We hope you will dive in or simply dip a toe into our whimsical workshops and heart-opening Red Thread Circles. Our vision is to re-ignite the creative fire in each of its beloved clientele, offering tools and support to find their own voice and rediscover their innate creativity. Our beautiful Great Lakes-inspired space will also be open for community gatherings and events hosted by like-minded teachers, holistic practitioners and non-profit social support groups.

The space is a part of the Plymouth Arts and Recreation Cooperative (PARC), a non-profit that supports artists of all disciplines, environmental groups, experimental kitchens and is completely focused on bringing the arts to the surrounding community. Tenants include the Michigan Philharmonic, Friends of the Rouge, Bees in the D, Center for Creative Studies, glass blowers, potters, opera, dance and theater groups and several visual artist’s collaboratives.

I’d like to thank everyone who has supported me on this journey, and most importantly, I want to thank Bernie… he is the reason I believe this has become a reality. In life and in death, he has given me the courage to step off the cliff and trust that my wings can carry me. And it doesn’t hurt to know his angel wings are lifting me too. Don’t wait, life is short, live it now.

Virginia Masson is a wonder-filled artist and Intentional Creativity teacher specializing in guiding transformational change using the enchanting method of Intentional Creativity.

I hope you will follow the journey of creation as the Great Lakes Center for Intentional Creativity becomes a reality and consider joining in one of our soul-expanding workshops, or connect with your beloved community at a heart opening Red Thread circle.

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