Christchurch, New Zealand

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Grove of Intention, 7 Themed-Trees-center, Connection Tree with 3 Trees on either side, will be up for approximately 2 1/2 years in this space, currently a construction zone, part of the rebuilding of Christchurch post-earthquake.

After which time the shopping complex with offices will open, and the center tree, called the Connection Tree & will become permanent installation center of the square. Red dots added for each person who was killed.This tree’s inquiry: Where in Christchurch is your favorite place to be in conversation?

Saturday 3/23-Unveiling of mural-*removingcelebration’ verbiage

Spark-funding the project

Space to be with community, place providing shelter and protection, 75 feet long, people reading as they walk by

Rosie-It’s a catalyst for healing, place to contemplate, process, Intentional Creativity-in the midst of a crisis

devastated at what’s happened, the town has gone a bit silent, moving through stages of grief, anger, March for Life-Silent walk

Interviews with people walking by, artists helping

IC Teacher Kim flew in