Welcome to Musea, our exhibit space curated by and for artists of the International Intentional Creativity Movement. For over 27 years our organization has worked with women artists to bring forward their voices, images, stories and visions for the future. Our physical location, first opened in 1999 in Sonoma, followed by exhibit spaces in San Francisco 2001-2004, Sausalito, 2000-2003, Mendocino 2004-2008, Healdsburg 2008-2016 and returning to our Museum and Campus space in Sonoma in 2016. Our first four years saw thousands of visitors on location, as well as millions virtually to engage, view, study, participate and our growing movement. The focus of our work is Intentional Creativity, an enduring lineage spanning 100 years already, and with eyes towards another 100 years into the future.

Intentional Creativity is a method and philosophy developed as an approach to making art that is in the matriarchal lineage of our Founder Shiloh Sophia. Once she could see the power and impacts of making art with mindfulness and Intention, she began teaching all over the world and at universities including Phd programs and the United Nations. In 2010 she began to offer the teachings held within the body of work for Certification, inviting others to teach and study.

In 2020 the plans were set to open in the Sonoma location in the Spring with a show of unfinished works by Sue Hoya Sellars 1936-2014, Shiloh’s Mentor, and what the community calls “Art Matriarch”. Musea also a permanent collection that was ready to share with the a community in anticipation. As the year went on and it became clear we could not open, Shiloh turned her attention towards the already blooming art online art exhibition space she had been curating, opening the doors of the Virtual Museum in May. As the months went on, Shiloh wondered how she might bring the entire vision online. As the exhibit space and classroom space remained empty for months, with the art hung and no visitors, Shiloh had a large vision for the future. While Shiloh had taken lots of risks in her career, this one seemed like the one thing that could make all the difference.

She put a call out to the graduates of the Intentional Creativity Method, over 360 women, with a call to join her as the Co-Curator Circle to run the museum with her, and to her delight and surprise her 20 women said yes. The group meetings weekly to plan the future of the museum, mount exhibits, work with arts, design events and bring the vision forward. In the coming months Musea has plans for many shows in the line up, and is honored and excited to be artist run, artist owned, and at present, artist funded.

We hope you enjoy this space, iMusea. iMusea is our website dedicated to art and artists, while our Mothership site, Musea features all facets of our movement including the school, library and history. At iMusea you can watch shows, explore exhibits, put events on your calendar and join our custom iMusea member app, shop in our Museum giftshop, as well as consider joining us to submit your art and ideas for a future show.

Our Museum Membership counselors, Marnie and Chatelle, will be happy to assist you with questions about Musea, and Sarah Mardell will be happy to work with you about studying our work as a student. At Musea we are committed to art with a focus on women artists, who are represented less than 2% even though we make up over 50% of artists. Let’ change that together. No seat at the table, no invitation to exhibit at the gallery, well we have a seat with your name on it, and a wall, virtual and physical to share you visions.

Any place Intentional Creativity is practiced, we think of that an iMusea – we love the idea of studios and centers lighting up around thew world every time someone is making art with intention.

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iMusea is a collaborative project between the Intentional Creativity Foundation, Inc. [ 501(c)3 ] and Mothership Inc.